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Request for Quotation

  1. Procurement of vARIOUS thw stranded wire, etc
  2. Procurement of Various CI fittings
  3. Procurement of 275 rolls Black HDPE pipes
  4. Procurement of Office Supplies 3rd quarter 2018
  5. Procurement of 1 unit DN 600mm 24" ELECTROMAGNETIC FULLBORE FLOWMETER
  6. Procurement of 260 rolls HDPe pipe
  7. Procurement of Lumber, Plywood, CW nails
  8. Procurement of crushed gravel & Screened sand
  9. Procurement of RSB, Cyclone wire, tie wire
  11. Procurement of Technical Consultancy
  12. Procurement of chlorine gasket, valve and PE pipe
  13. Quarterly Preventive Maintenance of UPS
  14. Procurement of 1332 pcs Water Meter Inserts