» ADVISORY BCWD SUSPENDS THE WATER RATIONING (June 19, 2024; 8:45PM                                       » BCWD UPDATE: WATER SUPPLY STATUS (June 18, 2024; 9:00 AM)                                       » ADVISORY BCWD SUSPENDS THE IMPLEMENTATION OF OPLAN SAG-OB (June 16, 2024; 10:00PM)                                       » EL NIÑO WATCH: WATER SUPPLY STATUS UPDATE (June 10, 2024)                                       » EL NIÑO WATCH: WATER SUPPLY STATUS UPDATE (May 30, 2024; 09:00 AM)                                       


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Fill up the form below to know how much you have consumed so far. Enter your control no. and your cu. m. consumed which is your present reading minus the previous reading.
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