As of 8:00 AM of January 5, 2022, water pressure at Pump Station No. 1 of the Butuan City Water District (BCWD) is still at 5psi (34.47 kPa). As such, the entire service area of BCWD is still waterless.

The bulk water supplier of BCWD – the Taguibo Aquatech Solutions Corporation (TASC) has almost completed the emergency maintenance of its temporary source at Sitio Iyao, Brgy. Anticala. As per TASC’s update, it will start releasing water supply by 12:00noon. After the start of TASC’s release of water supply, build-up of water pressure will commence.

The build-up of water pressure after the completion of TASC’s emergency maintenance will take more time as the pipelines were emptied for a long period. It will take around 24 hours before there will be enough water pressure in the system so that water can reach the faucets.

Please be reminded that the total supply of water will still only be at 60% of the volume required for the entire water system. As such, after enough pressure will be built-up, the entire service area of BCWD will still experience low water pressure while those areas located at the end points of the system and at elevated areas will still be waterless.

Normal water pressure will only be restored upon completion of TASC’s rehabilitation/repair of its main facility at Sitio Iyao, Brgy. Anticala.

Meanwhile, water rationing will be conducted in the following areas: Camella Homes, Purok 4 Villa Kananga, Bridgetown 1, Princess Homes 1, Princess Homes 2, Princess Homes 3, New Horizon Subdivision.

We deeply regret the inconvenience. Thank you for your continuing support to BCWD.

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Last Update: January 05, 2022