The Butuan City Water District (BCWD) is currently operating under limited services due to the damaged water supply system of its bulk water supplier – the Taguibo Aquatech Solutions Corporation (TASC). The Severe Tropical Storm Odette heavily damaged the facilities of TASC at Sitio Iyao, Barangay Anticala. As per TASC’s update, part of the conveyance pipeline from the dam going to its Treatment Plant was disconnected and was carried away by the flashflood in the Taguibo River. The damaged pipe was a 1,100mm diameter Kurimoto pipe.

As of press time and per TASC’s update, the repair will take some time to commence as the Pianing Bridge in Barangay Pianing is not yet passable for any vehicle as the bridge was damaged at the height of Severe Tropical Storm Odette. As such, TASC cannot transport the materials and equipment needed for the repairs until such time that the Pianing Bridge will be rehabilitated. However, per TASC’s commitment, the bulk water supplier will try to deliver water supply the earliest within seven (7) days from today. But TASC also committed to provide partial delivery of water supply up to 60% of the normal water supply by Wednesday, December 22, 2021.

The immediate action being taken by BCWD was to extract water supply from the four (4) pumping stations but the total production of the said pumping stations is only at 450 – 500 cubic meters per hour which is about 15% of the normal supply produced by BCWD for its concessionaires.

In order to bolster water supply up to the faucets of concessionaires, BCWD has done the following undertakings:
1. GM Anselmo Sang Tian already coordinated with the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) to borrow the portable filter equipment which will supplement or augment the supply by having it available for concessionaires to obtain water, while TASC is working for the restoration of 100% of its water supply. Further announcement will be made when the equipment will arrive and as to where the equipment will be stationed and

2. BCWD is also coordinating with Equiparco and Adfil to borrow water tankers so that BCWD can commence with water rationing to its concessionaires.

With these developments, BCWD is expecting to increase the current output of 15% of the four pumping stations to 75% by Wednesday thereby reaching numerous faucets of the concessionaires.
BCWD will continue with the water rationing through valving and by tanker until such time that the BCWD operations will return to normal.

The BCWD is asking everyone’s cooperation by refraining from disconnecting service lines as it will reduce the pressure needed to serve concessionaires at farther distance from the source.

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Last Update: December 18, 2021