BCWD Balangay Boat entry to the Balangay Festival 2018 won 2nd Runner-Up

Butuan City Water District’s (BCWD) Balangay Boat entry to the Balangay Festival 2018 won 2nd Runner-Up.

Winners of the festival were awarded on May 19, 2018 in the culminating program of the celebration of Butuan City’s Fiesta.

Besting 13 other Balangay Boat entries from other government agencies, offices and private entities in Butuan City, BCWD’s Balangay Boat took home Php200,000.00 and a trophy.

BCWD’s Balangay Boat description says:

“In the beginning, the Butuan people were people of the sea, living in coastal villages and near rivers. The Balangay Boats were used for fishing trade, warfare, trade-riding for goods and slaves, travel, communications, and dwelling.

“The Balangay Boat entry of the Butuan City Water District to the Balangay Festival 2018 depicts the culture and history of Butuan both past and present. Highlighted in the boat is a mural of early Butuanon preparing crops and other products for trade. This is a nod to the history of early Butuanons, part of which is being a trader using the Balanghai Boat. Another mural depicts the present symbols which represent Butuan City celebrating the progress of Butuan from past to present. And finally highlighted in the Balangay Boat entry of BCWD is a symbol of the watershed, emphasizing BCWD’s advocacy to preserve the Taguibo Watershed to ensure sustainable supply of water because BCWD believes that whatever state of the art structure is built to produce water will be useless if there is no available water at the source to process.

“Water is life and it is one of the major contributors for the progress of a City. As such, it is important to ensure the sustainability of our water source for us and for the generations to come to help build not only a better Butuan but a great Butuan.”

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