Various Groups Visit BCWD PPP Treated Bulk Water Project

The Taguibo Water Supply Development and Water Treatment Facility Service Project is now undertaken full blast. With this development, Taguibo Aquatech Solutions Corporation (TASC), the Joint Venture Company created to operate and manage the JV project, will be able to partially supply water within the year.


The project includes a Sabo Dam, considered to be the first line of defense to protect from the rolling debris and boulders. This does not hold water but it allows water to freely flow to the catchment area called the Impounding Weir which can hold an estimated volume of water that can sustain a supply for one (1) month. The river continues to flow; hence, we can assure to have a continuous water supply.


The project package also includes state-of-the-art Water Treatment Plant that is both cost-effective and efficient. It can even filter up to 1,000 NTU because it has two-stage filtration process. This is a high-end advanced technology invention because it has two reactors, the coagulation and flocculation reactors. With this Microfiber technology, you can do away with the sedimentation plant because you can take the water from anywhere.


In related developments, Butuan City Water District (BCWD) has been conducting briefing and tour to the project site with various groups in Butuan City. The Briefing and Tour to the Project Site of the PPP Treated Bulk Water Project is part of BCWD’s effort to continually improve its services in conformance with its ISO 9001:2008 certification. As of press time, BCWD has already briefed and toured to the project site the following groups:


Butuan Chamber of Commerce

Officers and some members of Butuan Chamber of Commerce were the first to be briefed by BCWD management and staff on July 25, 2015 at the BCWD Board Room on BCWD operation, plans, programs, projects and activities; watershed protection including the Adopt-A-Forest Project; and the Public Private Partnership (PPP) Treated Bulk Water Project or Taguibo Water Supply Development and Water Treatment Facility Service Project. The group also visited the project site of the PPP Bulk Water Project in Iyao, Anticala, Butuan City.


Konsumador Hong Butuan Inc.

Officers Konsumador Hong Butuan, Inc. and some mediamen visited the ongoing construction of the dam and sand filtration facility in Iyao, Anticala at on August 11, 2015 to see for themselves the progress of the project. Said water supply facilities are among the components of the PPP Treated Bulk Water Project which is expected to finally solve the problem of water interruptions during heavy rains.


Butuan Global Forum

BCWD briefed on August 15, 2015 the Butuan Global Forum, headed by Atty. Josefe Sorera-Ty, on its operation, effects of TS Seniang and the alternative options to address its impact, Taguibo Watershed issues and concerns, and the PPP Treated Bulk Water Project.



A BCWD team briefed on August 31, 2015 the MAKABAYAN, a group consisting of various organizations, on BCWD operation, watershed, PPP Bulk Water Project, and other updates. The group proceeded to the site of the PPP Bulk Water Project in Iyao, Anticala to see the accomplishment of the project.

During the briefing, BCWD GM Anselmo L. Sang Tian, condemned some water districts in the country that turned over full operation and management of water districts to private companies. He appealed the group to ask its national headquarters to police other water districts engaging in full privatization as this will escalate water rates which will be difficult for the poor to afford.


Ivory Charities

Officers of Ivory Charities were briefed on September 4, 2015 by the BCWD management and staff on BCWD operation, watershed and PPP Treated Bulk Water Project at the BCWD Board Room. They also visited the PPP Treated Bulk Water Project and other BCWD facilities in Iyao and Taguibo.


Ivory Charities is a non-stock, non-profit, and non-sectarian organization of concerned Butuanons advocating for the protection and conservation of the environment, improvement of the health condition of the Butuanons, enhancement of education and literacy, among others.


 Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel

Officers of Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel were briefed on September 10, 2015 by BCWD on its operation, including issues on watershed and the PPP Treated Bulk Water Project undertaken by Taguibo Aquatech Solutions Corporation, a Special Project Company created under the Joint Venture Agreement between BCWD and TwinPeak Hydro Resources Corporation. The group proceeded to the project site in Iyao, Anticala.


Local Water Utilities Administration

Personnel of Local Water Utilities Administration's (LWUA) Public Affairs Department visited on September 10, 2015 the PPP Treated Bulk Water Project in Iyao, Anticala. Their purpose for visiting BCWD is to see the progress of the project and to participate in the BCWD Bisita Eskwela held on September 11, 2015 at the Riverside Elementary School and Riverside Integrated High School as part of LWUA's 42nd Anniversary celebration.


Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce 

In a briefing with Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce held in the morning of September 11, 2015 at Butuan City Water District (BCWD), Engr. Reden Mejorada, OIC of BCWD Production & Distribution Department, informed the participants that the Moderate El Nino has become Strong El Nino, based on DOST-PAGASA El Niño Advisory #7, which will last until June 2016. He said BCWD has formulated action plan to adapt with the effects of El Nino phenomenon, following the Memorandum of Local Water Utilities Administration to all water districts nationwide.


Also discussed in the briefing were issues on watershed conservation and protection by BCWD Forester Arnell Basnillo and the advantages of PPP Treated Bulk Water Project by GM Anselmo Sang Tian. The group proceeded to the project site in Iyao, Anticala.


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