Installation of the Permanent By-pass Line Almost Complete

..The permanent by-pass line was conceptualized after the result of the evaluation of the damage incurred by the Infiltration Gallery after Tropical Storm Seniang..

Works are almost complete to install a permanent by-pass line at Sitio Iyao, Barangay Anticala which will serve as the extraction point of Butuan City Water District’s (BCWD) water supply fromTaguiboRiver.

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The permanent by-pass line was conceptualized after the result of the evaluation of the damage incurred by the Infiltration Gallery after Tropical Storm Seniang. Based from the evaluation, it was recommended that the Infiltration Gallery be rehabilitated since the entire structure was clogged with flood materials.

During the Meeting with the Technical Staff of BCWD and Task Force Tubig of the Local Government of Butuan, the proposed design of the by-pass line was presented as a possible alternative way of extracting water from theTaguiboRiver. In the said meeting, Butuan City Mayor, Hon. Ferdinand M. Amante Jr. committed to assist BCWD by allocating the amount of P 1,200,000.00 for the construction of the permanent by-pass line. Again, during the site inspection with the BCWD Board of Directors, the Mayor promised to give said amount to fast-tract the project. The amount will be taken from the P 35,000,000.00 budget from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) as emergency fund upon the declaration of State of Water Crisis.


Having Mayor Amante’s commitment, BCWD pushed through with the construction works keeping in mind the P 1,200,000.00 funds from the Butuan City LGU. Although the said funds were not yet given, BCWD processed an emergency purchase of uPVC pipes needed to start the construction. After the Engineering Plan was finalized, on March 5, 2015, the construction works of the permanent by-pass line commenced.

As of press time, the construction of the permanent by-pass line is already 95% complete despite the fact that the committed amount of P 1,200,000.00 by Mayor Amante was not yet realized. Pipe laying of the two parallel lines of 300mm uPVC is already finished. Remaining works will only be the interconnection of these lines to the tapping point of BCWD’s main transmission line.


Aside from the permanent by-pass line, the Desander, one of the structures constructed by the Taguibo Aquatech Solutions Corporation (TASC) is almost complete. The lines coming from this facility is already connected to the permanent by-pass line. Only the installation of the two (2) units water pump is needed for the facility to be operational and ready for utilization. If this facility will be completed, during rainy weather, BCWD can still provide continuous supply of water. In the meantime, while the desander is still not operational, during rainy weather, the pumping stations will still be operated as back-up source.

BCWD is positive that upon completion of the permanent by-pass line, water supply will now be 100% coming from the surface water. During the full operation of the permanent by-pass line and the desander, the six (6) pumping stations will no longer be operated.

The rehabilitation of the Infiltration Gallery will start only after the actual performance of the permanent by-pass line is evaluated. 

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Last Update: March 30, 2015