BCWD Resumes Water Service Disconnection Activity

..BCWD resumes water service disconnection activity. Reminds concessionaires to pay on or before due date..

Butuan City Water District (BCWD) resumed its water service disconnection activity last March 16, 2015 after more than two months of suspension due to the water crisis caused by the damage brought about by Tropical Storm Seniang.

BCWD is reminding concessionaires to pay their water bill promptly to avoid the inconvenience of having their water service disconnected.

Reminders are indicated in the water bill; hence, there is no reason for the concessionaires to forget the payment due date. There are two (2) types of water bill – the blue and red water bills.

In the Blue Bill, for current account, item no. 5 of the reminders is written in bold at the bottom part of the bill which states:


In the Red Bill, for account with arrears, a reminder is written with underline at the lower part of the bill (after the total amount due):

            This serves as a NOTICE OF DISCONNECTION.

During the Orientation Seminar for New Service Connection, which is one of the requirements in applying for a water service connection, the provisions in the Application and Contract for Water Services are being emphasized. Item no. 4 of the said contract provides:

“No. 4. To pay additional penalty charge for the monthly water bill paid after due date and service may be disconnected without further notice if payment is not made to the office collector by due date.”

It is clearly provided for in the contract that BCWD may disconnect the water service connection without notifying the concessionaire if account is not settled on or before due date, especially if the account is already in the red bill.

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Last Update: March 27, 2015