February 13, 2015


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Butuan City Water District’s (BCWD) water supply is currently coming from surface water, the Taguibo River, and ground water, the six pumping stations. The surface water is extracted through a by-pass pipeline at the Taguibo River in Iyao, Anticala with a production capacity of 600 cubic meters per hour while the six pumping stations produce 880 cubic meters per hour.


However, water production of the by-pass pipeline is varying as it is vulnerable to various conditions. For example, operation of the temporary by-pass line is suspended every 10 o’clock in the evening up to 4 o’clock in the morning as this span of time is considered as non-peak hours. This gives ample time to check the water pumps and generator to ensure that there will be no hick-ups in the operation. Also during rainy weather condition, the operation of the temporary by-pass line would be suspended as it is susceptible to the strong current of the river as well as the sediments and sand that goes along with the river water.


This situation results to low water pressure to push water to high elevated areas and end points of the water system as we need about 1,200 cubic meters per hour from the main source to build up normal water pressure that could push water until the end of the pipelines.    


As such, residents at the end points of the water system such as those in Barangays Bonbon, Dumalagan, Bancasi, Pinamanculan, Bit-os, Cabcabon, Mahay, Taligaman and Antongalon are experiencing low water pressure or waterless situation during peak hours and are advised to store water during non-peak hours – 11:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m. Even so, as water pressure warrants, these areas will have normal water supply anytime of the day.


Meanwhile, BCWD is preparing the materials needed for the installation of the permanent by-pass pipeline. The permanent by-pass line will provide the 100% water supply and normal water pressure needed while the rehabilitation works of the Infiltration Gallery will continue. The said by-pass line will tap water from the upstream of the Infiltration Gallery with a distance of 175 meters. Water will then flow by gravity to the transmission line that will bring water to the Filtration Plant to undergo filtration and chlorination processes before distribution. Upon operation of this by-pass line, pumping stations will only be activated when necessary.


BCWD is also conducting flushing activity in the distribution lines in areas with high number of customers’ complaints regarding water with unpleasant odor that comes out from their faucets. Similar complaints from other areas can be made at the BCWD Customer Complaints desk.

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