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Actions Taken by BCWD

1. Rationing by Tankers and Valving which started December 30, 2014, even without yet evaluating the condition of the Infiltration Gallery. BCWD personnel outrightly turned on all existing operational pumping stations.

2. December 31, 2014.

BCWD personnel evaluated the area at Infiltration Gallery but could not determine yet the condition of such gallery due to strong current of floodwater. 

3. Press Conference on January 2, 2015.

Announcement of rationing, valving and tanker, and requested to refrain from pulling the service connections which affected the water pressure.

4. Evaluation of the Infiltration Gallery – Jan   3, 2015

When floodwater subsides, only the No. 4 manhole was uncovered by mud and sands but its steel cover was already missing. To protect it from further intrusion of flood materials, BCWD enclosed it with temporary screen wires as shown by this photo. At the same time, BCWD devised work plans to excavate the other 3 manholes for restoration.

5. Rehabilitation of abandoned Pumping   Stations 

To augment the production of the existing pumping stations, BCWD re-evaluated the abandoned deep wells and found 3 deep wells that regenerated or recharged.  One is already operational, the second is undergoing rehabilitation and the third is on the process of reactivation.

6. BCWD sought assistance from other water districts  

Other neighboring water districts such as Bayugan, Buenavista and Gingoog assisted BCWD by lending additional equipment needed for the restoration and rehabilitation of the abandoned pumping stations.

7. Evaluation of other sources of water.

BCWD evaluated other sources for rationing, heeding the suggestion to look for other sources instead of taking water from the existing pumping stations. Possible sources considered were: Artesian Wells in Barangay Pagatpatan (offered by Mr. Arturo Calo), Barangay Sto. Niño and Barangay Tiniwisan (courtesy of Punong Barangay Demetrio E. Tabelon). Among the three, only the water source in Tiniwisan passed the required parameters based on the Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW).

8. MMDA and LWUA Mobile Water Treatment   Plants

Butuan City government borrowed from MMDA 2 units of Mobile Water Treatment Plant for one week use (January 6–13, 2015)  and BCWD borrowed 2 units of Mobile Water Treatment Plant from Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) which has been used since January 17, 2015 until the Infiltration Gallery will be restored for operation.

9. Continuing the cleaning and clearing works of IG

- Anticipated problems:  


10.Recommended to BCWD Board of Directors the proposed installation of booster pump.

- Anticipated problems:

11. By-pass line

It is proposed to install a by-pass pipeline skipping the Infiltration Gallery.

- Anticipated problems: 

12. Sought assistance from PPP project partner for massive cleaning and clearing of four manholes simultaneously to fast tract the operation of the Infiltration Gallery.

The BCWD Management, with all humility, asks the utmost understanding  of those affected by this water crisis but a lesson learned the value of water to all of us.

Please SAVE WATER!!!








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