BCWD ADVISORY: Tampering Aggravates Inadequate Water Supply in Pinamanculan

Tampering aggravates inadequate water supply in Barangay Pinamanculan.

Investigations by the Butuan City Water District (BCWD) have concluded that the aggravated disruption of watersupply to residents of Barangay Pinamanculan, Butuan City was a result of tampering of water connection.

It can be recalled that concessionaires located in Barangays Pinamanculan, Bancasi and Dumalagan have been experiencing inadequate water supply as these barangays are located at the end points of the system and in elevated areas which made it difficult to bring in water during peak hours. BCWD continues to serve these areas daily although their water supply would not be 24 hours. Water is boosted from the ground reservoir located in Km. 6, Barangay Libertad by schedule in the three barangays. For the meantime, water rationing by tanker is also scheduled to cater to areas in the said barangays that the boosted water from the reservoir will not reach.

Recently however, concessionaires in Barangay Pinamanculan, located in areas that usually have water from their faucets during off-peak hours, have been experiencing some issues with their water supply. It was found out that this is due to tampering with the water lines in the area. It was observed that the service line connected to the distribution line was pulled, resulting in the water supply being disrupted in these areas in Barangay Pinamanculan.

BCWD wishes to condemn such acts which caused additional inconvenience to the concessionaires located in Barangay Pinamanculan. Instead of having fewer concessionaires to be served by the water tanker, the number of households increased thus becoming more difficult for BCWD to cater to all the concessionaires in the area considering that BCWD only has one water tanker available for water rationing.

Residents in Barangay Pinamanculan are encouraged to desist from tampering with the water supply system in their area as this will only result further inconvenience to the community. BCWD urges its concessionaires in Barangay Pinamanculan to work together and help each other as BCWD has been trying its best to be able to serve potable water in your area.

For any concerns and queries relating to BCWD’s services, customers may contact BCWD’s Call Center through (085) 3423145 / 3423146 / 3416373 / 3416374; 09189304234 / 09171888726; BCWD website (www.bcwd.gov.ph) or official Facebook page Butuan City Water District.

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Last Update: September 17, 2020