MBPP Project: BCWD’s counterpart of Butuan City’s fast-Growing Economy

..MBPP Project: BCWD’s counterpart of Butuan City’s fast-Growing Economy..

By: Agem O. Alfafaras / Marichu Manalo

The unstoppable upsurge of development in Butuan City remarkably catches the limelight of the economic field in Caraga Region. The booming of economic activities in this highly urbanized city attracted lots of investors who want to take part of the development. Part of this development was the growing number of housing projects, in various locations throughout the city, which caters to not only the Butuanons but also to all individuals who love to stay in this blossoming city.


Alongside the city’s fast growing economy is the Butuan City Water District (BCWD) -- that has always been a part of this development. BCWD has been undertaking and initiating various programs and infrastructure projects to ensure the sustainability of the city’s economic growth. The undeniable increase of the city’s population, which is still growing, is a bit challenging to the company’s adherence to best serve the public. Yet, BCWD is vigorous to deliver the adequate service to the Butuanons.


The sustainability of providing potable and safe water supply had been a serious concern of the BCWD. Butuanons are well aware that the BCWD had successfully partnered with the private sector to address the problem on water supply.


The Main By-Pass Pipeline (MBPP) project is another project launched by the BCWD, an expansion project and one of the biggest projects initiated by BCWD. This water distribution system of BCWD intends to cater to bigger demands of the city’s growing population, on water supply. BCWD is currently serving 56 barangays out of 86 which only covers 65% of the city’s service areas. The MBPP project will increase the coverage of services to other remote barangays and to enhance the water service to other highly elevated areas of the city.


The MBPP project will be traversing from the main pipeline in Barangay Baan traversing Lemon intersection which will pass through the Macapagal Bridge all the way to barangay Bancasi. The project will also create two (2) Hydraulic areas in strategic locations to enhance distribution of water supply of the existing served barangays. It will also bring a better way of living to another five (5) future barangays to be served, that will finally enjoy continuous water supply after the completion of the project.

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Last Update: July 19, 2018