Join the 30th Butuan City Water District Local Oratorical Contest

Join the 30th Butuan City Water District Local Oratorical Contest

and open your chances of winning more prizes






CONTEST PIECE     :           Healthy Watershed, Progressive Community.”

DATE/TIME               :           Thursday, October 19, 2017, 1:30 P.M.

PLACE                       :           Jesus Family Ministries, Gov. J.A. Rosales Avenue, Butuan City


PRIZES                       :           First Prize                    -           P 3,500.00 plus gold medal

                                                Second Prize              -           P 2,500.00 plus silver medal

                                                Third Prize                   -           P 2,000.00 plus bronze medal

                                                2 Consolation Prizes   -           P 1,000.00 plus medal (each)


Plus     :           Non-winners will receive P 500.00 per participant.


And More     :           Framed certificate for the School Represented by the 1st Prize – 3rd Prize

Winner. Certificates of Commendation to all Contestants, Trainers and Participating Schools.

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  1. The contest is open to bona fide junior high school students who will be certified by the school as its official entry to the contest.


  1. The contest piece is entitled: Healthy Watershed, Progressive Community.”


  1. The contestants will draw lots for their order of appearance. They shall not be identified by name of school but by number.


  1. Each contestant will be given a minimum of six (6) minutes and a maximum of eight (8) minutes to deliver his/her piece without the aid of a public address system. The 6-minute time given shall start at the time the contestant stands up to deliver his/her piece.


  1. A few words in Filipino are allowed to be used by the contestants in their oration.


  1. Judging will be based on the following criteria:

CONTENT – 40%                  DELIVERY – 30%                  VOICE – 30%

            - organization                          - audience contact                  - pronunciation

            - mechanics                            - platform behavior                 - diction

            - originality                               - mastery                                 - voice projection

                                                                                                            - voice quality


  1. No coaching or prompting will be allowed during the actual contest.


  1. All contestants are encouraged to attend to their personal needs prior to start of the contest proper. Contestants who will leave the stage will be disqualified from winning major awards (1st to 3rd places and consolation prize). Contestants who will arrive late at the contest venue may be allowed to deliver his/her piece but shall be disqualified from winning 1st to 3rd places and consolation prize.


  1. Deadline for submission of confirmation sheets to the Community Relations and External Affairs Division, Butuan City Water District will be on or before October 5, 2017.


  1. Each contestant must prepare four (4) copies of oration piece (Must be computerized, double space, A4, font: Arial, font size: 12) with only one (1) copy marked with the contestant’s name and school represented for submission for the Local Contest Committee not later October 5, 2017.


  1. There will be three (3) members of the Board of Judges to be chosen by the Local Contest Committee. The decision of the Board of Judges will be final and irrevocable.


  1. Cash tokens and Prizes unclaimed within 30 days upon awarding will be forfeited in favor of BCWD.



For more details, see or call:

                        RAMIL S. BARQUIN, Senior Public Relations Officer

                        Tel. Nos.:  342-3145; 341-6374 (Bayantel)

                                         815-9904 (Philcom)


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