Butuan City Government’s Septage Management System seen to cause water rate increases and not the PPP Bulk Water Project

“It’s the establishment of a Septage Management System that will cause water rate increases; not the PPP Bulk Water Project,” GM Sang Tian said.

In clarifying trending issues pertaining to the Treated Bulk Water Project undertaken through Public-Private Partnership (PPP), Butuan City Water District (BCWD) general manager Anselmo Sang Tian categorically denied that the said project will cause water rate to increase.

GM Sang Tian said that there is no truth to media hype on water rate increases because of the PPP Bulk Water Project, adding “it’s only the City Government’s mind conditioning of the people of Butuan.”

He believes that the City Government is trying to condition the minds of the people for the impending water rate increases as the result of the implementation of “An Ordinance Establishing a Septage Management System in the City of Butuan.”

Under SP Ordinance No. 4679-2015, authored by Hon. Virgilio Nery, Jr., enacted on June 23, 2015, the City of Butuan shall adopt and implement a comprehensive and integrated Septage Management Program which shall apply to all buildings, facilities and structures whether public or private, residential or commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, proposed/planned or existing, or any activity endeavor that shall use water and produce wastewater.

Section 9 of said Ordinance stipulates the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between BCWD and the LGU of Butuan outlining the roles, responsibilities, mechanisms, and commitments of both entities while Section 10 tasks BCWD as the lead implementor in the operation of the Septage Management Program in consultation with the City.

Said Ordinance also sets the fees to be collected to all water concessionaires of BCWD, to wit:

“Section 15. Payment for Environmental Services (PES). All owners of residential and commercial/institutional buildings or structure shall pay for the desludging of their septic tanks and treatment of the septage equivalent to the following fees:

“15.1 For water concessionaires of the Butuan City Water District (BCWD), an amount of P2.00 per cubic meter of water consumed per month will be collected and added to the BCWD monthly bill for Residential/Government Classification.”

For water concessionaires of BCWD with other classification, the PES fees shall be higher than residential or government classification.

GM Sang Tian emphasized that the fees to be added in the monthly water bills will not go to the coffer of BCWD, but to the LGU of Butuan. Indeed, the Septage Management System Program is a fund-raising program of the City Government.

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Last Update: April 06, 2016